Kouenju no Shizuku

I was putting away my Silver Diamond manga when I came across Kouenju no Shizuku in my raw collection. Since there has been no groups (to my knowledge) plans to scan this, I think I will scan it in hopes of a yoai group being interested enough to want to pick up the series.

On another news, I can't find my complete collection of Koori no Mamono no Monogatari. Sorry.


Hi hi to anyone who still read this journal.

I am back and I will slowly start scanning again. My big surprise (if anyone remember) was suppose to be Japanese raw of Silver Diamond but the current scanlation group is doing a really good job with it and so I put my raw away again. I also have the raw to Koori no Mamono no Monogatari and so maybe I will scan them instead since their is no current group working on this project.

[Raw] Pure Love Story by Takaoka Nanaroku

Below is the link for this week yaoi raw. For anyone reading this one shot, I think it will be more of a challenge since the kanji doesn't have any kana beside it to help you read it (can't remember what the helping kana are called right now). Anyway, it is a very cute fun one shot. For anyone interest in translating this or any of the other raws I have posted, please credit me for the scan and if you want the original raws, just drop me a message to my inbox.

Link: Pure Love Story by Takaoka Nanaroku

I think next week will also be another yaoi one shot.

[Raw][Part I] Kimi no Ondo Shimobe no Netsu by Fujiwara Kiyo

Hi all,
Here is the first part to the one shot. To be honest, I can't tell if this is the first part or the second but this chapter was release first; logic would say this is the first part but who know ^.^
Anyway, I added "For reading only" to each of the pages (but I place them in area where you can still read everything). If anyone wants to use this series as a project, please let me know and I will give you my scans.

Link to Kimi no Ondo Shimobe no Netsu by Fujiwara Kiyo

Link will be up for about a week (I will take it down tuesday and upload part 2 wednesday).

[Raw] True Love Train by Piyoko Chitose

Finally got around to finishing the cleaning to the one shot (not the best but I think it will do). I was planning on adding watermark to each page but got to lazy (didn't watermark a single page). Anyway, if anyone is interested in scanlating the series please leave me a message to let me know (and if you want the original scan) and credit me for the scan.

The link to the one shot : True Love Train By Piyoko Chitose

I will have the link up for a week and than I will move the link to my other LJ since I don't want this LJ to be loaded with raws. As I scan more one shot, I will replace the color page of the previous one shot.

If I see that there are viewers (by leaving comments), I will scan more stuff (since I have so many shoujo and yaoi magazines). If there is any one shot someone wants, please leave me a comment with the title and the author (I am pretty good at finding the rest myself).

Stupid Computer

 I HATE WINDOW 7.  I am getting a Mac.  Don't you just hate it when your stupid computer decide to not work when everything is happening those days you don't have a computer? My desktop decided to crash and Window 7 decided to it needed to be reformatted during the worst week possible (I want to cry).  Now having the back up laptop (had to take it away from my brother who is in Uni), it is useless since I am behind with time (did I use that phrase correctly?).  Ugh is how I feel right now.
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Borders and my yaoi collection

 I just found out today that Borders is going out of business.  My friend and I was talking about how we like Borders so much more than B&N since Borders offers more coupon and I like their reward program.  The Borders close to my house has been shut down for awhile now but there is still one close to my work place, so my friend and I plan to do a lot of last minute manga shopping in the next couple of days before the store close completely.  I realized that my yaoi collection took the biggest hit when I stop buying manga every month.  The only yaoi manga I buy regular is Junjou Romantica and BLU doesn't even release each volume regular T.T  With Border going out of business, I am hoping to buy all of Tokyopop release of Silver Diamond; I was soo happy when it was licensed but now having it a couple of volumes published makes me so sad (this is when I curse myself for not going to a school that offer Japanese as a language...shake fist).  
I hope everyone get a chance to visit a Borders before they shut down completely.
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